Everybody Needs a Buddy!

“I might find a new friend on a Buddy Bench.”

                                                                         – Ewan, age 9

What started as a simple idea quickly became The Buddy Bench Project…or The Project for short.

Ewan and I were looking for something we could do together. It’s all about teamwork for this mother and son! He wanted to have a “business” that would help kids. For me, I’ve always dreamed that I would one day take an idea and turn it into something bigger than myself. And, for a long time, I’ve also wanted to challenge myself by taking on things like the Internet and social media markeing. I told Ewan about a story I saw on the news last year, about a boy his age and how he was making a difference with something called a Buddy Bench.

We have been inspired by Christian’s Story and hope to continue this great idea, starting right in our own backyard of Mississauga, ON  and taking it around the world!


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